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July Safety Tip

In many manufacturing facilities, employees move from one department to another depending on the workloads. When you are working in a different area than normal, make sure you know what to do in an emergency.

Ask yourself these questions and get answers if you don’t know them.

  1. Where is the nearest fire extinguisher located? (Use it only if you are trained!)
  2. Where are the two nearest exit doors located?
  3. Who are the first aid responders nearest to your area?
  4. Where do you go in a tornado emergency – find where that is located.
  5. Where is the nearest eyewash station?
  6. Have you recently reviewed the JSA for that area/job? Do you know what the common hazards are? Are you sure?
  7. Where are the Safety Data Sheets?
  8. Do you know what PPE is required – do you have it?
  9. Are you comfortable with what you have to wear, is the PPE comfortable?
  10. Do you feel comfortable with the job you will be doing; if not, ask for extra training.